'04 Chevy Silverado coolant leak

Discussion in '4x4 / Truck Forum' started by fallsflight, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Exactly. Thanks for the replies all. Mechanic friend of mine said he has done a bunch where it was the intake manifold gasket leaking on the front passenger side. So we shall see...
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    Definitely a possibility, good call @Fowler267.

    Whatever it is, the cooling system on these trucks is very simple. Please don't pay a mechanic ~$100 an hour to fix it. You got this. Even if it is an intake gasket, pulling the fuel rails, throttle body, and intake is not that bad of a job.

    Listen to me carefully, if you do pull the intake, replace your knock sensors while it is off! There are 2 of them and they are located on the valley cover between the heads. Can't miss em. There is a GM service bulletin about replacing them and running a bead of high temp silicone around them to keep water out. Water sits on the valley cover and gets in the knock sensors and rusts them out.
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    Ya gotta love this place..... It aint just ducks!
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    I agree with it possibly being the intake manifold gasket, common issue on those 5.3's. I had to have it replaced on my 2001 suburban. At first I thought it was the water pump, but it continued after I replaced the water pump. Then I noticed that it was slowly coming out of the front side of the intake manifold gasket directly behind the water pump. It was just enough to make it look wet after I wiped the area with a rag, so it was not gushing out.

    No more leak after the gasket was replaced.

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