10.13.18. Grand Slam

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    64E764BD-6EEE-416E-A323-8ED4D4DAB16D.jpeg #SaturdaysAreForTheBoys . Limits aren’t everything but when it happens it’s unforgettable . We call it the Grand Slam . Full limits of snows, dark geese , and ducks . One of the most intense hunts I’ve ever been on . Which lasted all of about an hour after we got into the blinds . Tale of the tape .. We watched these adult snows for at least 3 days and waited until the conditions were right because most all of them on the roost were mature adult snows very hard to fool . We got insane 25 mph sustained winds and it was go time . We set up a majority white spread and layout blinds on the upmost edge . They read the script and came in flocks of 10-20 fifteen feet off the ground on the deck the whole time fighting the wind with all they had . We let them get in super tight before we called the shots because they would blow up to 45 yards almost instantly in those kinds of winds . Perfect fall day , one us 3 we will NEVER forget . Www.CommittedCustomCalls.Com

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    Sounds like an awesome hunt, bet you wish you had a shotkam on that day. ;)
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