10.19.18. From the Archives ! History of the CCC Canada Goose Call

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    25196398-133E-4968-AC26-71EA0CFACAE6.jpeg 2E1C3486-9D23-4774-A6BF-25A2C7076909.jpeg 796E115C-80A6-4B36-A664-E09B3F110A54.jpeg CE287D0B-2B4A-4160-8EF7-8C11438392C7.jpeg CD46079A-EFB6-4416-908B-D0AF0BDAA536.jpeg #FlashBackFriday —From The Archives— “History of CCC Original Goose Call” My Grandpa and I dedicated the first 10 months strictly to developing a duck call from scratch in 2009 . Sometime in mid 2010 I began a quest to do the same for a Canada Goose call from a block of wood , a sheet of Mylar , and a Delrin dowel rod turned into guts . All my own .. and made from scratch ! Those Original calls are my babies . On average it took me 4 hours just to make a set of guts and hand cut shaved reed . Fast forward now in 2018 the Original CCC Goose Calls are now somewhat highly sought after amongst ccc collectors and hardcore goose hunters alike .

    Sometime around August 2010 , the first few prototypes went out . To a kid in North Dakota first . Next military guy my age I gotten to know through my duck calls whom I believe at the time was back from a tour in the sandbox and able to hunt back home . Those guys drew first blood with their calls first in the early honker seasons . Man was I pumped when I got those first kill pictures emailed to me with honkers called in and killed with my own calls .

    Meanwhile I was chomping at the bit to call in some honkers of my own and test it’s salt against the real deal in the field . Opening hunt regular season here in Illinois in 2010 it happened .. and the first Goose called in that morning and landed was BANDED . It must have been a sign .. Banded in Pennsylvania none the less and killed here in Illinois .

    So this weekend when your out hunting opening weekend for many of us , if you have a CCC Goose on your lanyard when you look down at it .. you can have some of the history and stories attached to it . It’s been a long but fun journey ! The road goes on forever and the party never ends ! Www.CommittedCustomCalls.Com

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