11/18 Duck Report

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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Our first real wave of ducks arrive last Wednesday and Thursday riding that cold front. Since then we have seen gradual increases in waterfowl here around Mattamuskeet and in our impoundments. Prior to that front we were way below our normal November duck numbers, and we are still a little bit low.

    Hunting success - Opening day produced mixed results with some quick limits in the mornings, and a few longer all day hunts. Most of those who stuck it out ended up putting together a decent bag of ducks for the day. Monday was good with limits for all parties, while Tuesday was a bit scratchier. Lots of gadwall and ring necks, with a mixture of everything else.

    Hopefully this cold weather up north will keep sending birds this way even if the weather remains warm here.

    As a side note, the swans have begun to arrive, and the lake is holding a good concentration of birds at this time.
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