20 ga Spherotungsten Load

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  1. Gmnorris74

    Gmnorris74 New Member

    May 2, 2018
    Load#180711-10712 SpheroTungsten-15

    HULL: FIOCCHI 20-gauge 2.75”

    PRIMER: FIO616

    PROPELLANT: Hodgdon Lil’ Gun 34.0 gr.

    WAD: TPS20 2.75" + (2 ) 14C28 ¼” filler wads or (1) FC28 soft fiber wad

    SHOT: 1-1/8 oz. (492 gr.) #7 SpheroTungsten-15 shot

    FOLD CRIMP: 6 or 8 point

    Results: 9085 PSI 1305 FPS

    Is this load legit? Found it on BPI load of the week and it is extremely intriguing to me for waterfowl.
    How many slits and how deep am I making them in the wad? BPI only had unslit wads.
  2. 10GAGENUT

    10GAGENUT Elite Refuge Member Sponsor

    Nov 23, 2003
    Dave will show up eventually and answer that, he probably knows the load already.
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