2008 Jr World Duck Winner Wins Again At The 2009 Elk Worlds & Will Be on TV Mar. 22!!

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    Dec 2, 2005
    Last weekend at the National convention of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in Fort Worth Texas, Greg Hubbell, Jr., California's greatest animal caller ever, Realtree & Drake Waterfowl Pro Staff member, won his 6th World Elk Calling title (total 7 including the duck):clap. After winning the World Duck Calling contest last November he became the only person in Comp Calling HISTORY to win in a reed style (duck & goose) and diaphragm style (turkey & elk) World contest:flame. This year he took a BIG CHANCE and ventured from the Youth division to the Voice division. With one of the strongest Voice fields in many years, Greg Jr got the winning vote from the judges. "We were on pins and needles right up to the end. The judges seemed to be liking the quieter sounding contestants in the other divisions and Greg Jr really pounds out the sound on his Bull Elk sounds, obviously sounding more like a big rutting nasty old bull elk than anyone else. His calf and cow sounds were off the charts too".

    Greg Jr's hard work and dedication paid off again as he captured a World title in another division trying to fulfill his Elk Calling goals of winning in all of the divisions; Pee-wee, Youth, Voice, Men's, and Professional (no worries for the Women's division). He has a website www.icallelk.com that has different calling sounds for people to listen to also.

    He was also featured at the competition by CBS Sunday Morning With Bill Giest:eek::eek::clap:clap. Bill came out a few days before the contest and spent a day with Greg Jr and then followed us to the Worlds in Fort Worth. The Show will air on Sunday March 22nd (starts early on the West coast-6:00 AM East coast 9:00 AM).

    Pass the TV info on to your friends and go back to view the segment if they put it on the website in their video content. The hits on the video shows that what we do is of interest to the public and opens other doors for all of us and for the future of the outdoors!

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