2014 Florida Waterfowl Summit - Aug. 14-15

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    This is a free event sponsored by United Waterfowlers Florida.

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    The Waterfowl Summit Mission:
    To present the latest watershed science, current state project updates, and historical observations and data.
    Provide a forum for networking among agency staff, professionals, sportsmen and other stakeholders.
    Identify new restoration funding ideas and partnerships through discussion and awareness.
    Identify creative solutions that fit industry, agriculture, and the priorities of sportsmen and other stakeholders.
    2014 Florida Waterfowl Summit Agenda:

    0800-0900 - Wetland Restoration Planning and Habitat Management Considerations
    Steve Rockwood - FWC

    0900-0930 - Breakfast Break

    0930-1000 - Managing Wetland Habitat at Merritt Island NWR
    Mike Legare - USFWS

    1000-1045 - Indian River Lagoon - Restoring an Imperiled Coastal Treasure
    Maurice Sterling - SJRWMD

    1045-1130 - Upper St. Johns Restoration Project
    Hector Herrera - SJRWMD

    1130-1200 - C-1 Re-Diversion Project Report
    Bill Tredik - SJRWMD

    1200-1315 - Lunch

    1315-1345 - Tracking Pollution Footprints in Water
    Dr. Edie Widder

    1345-1415 - Florida Mottled Duck Habitat Use Patterns
    Ron Bielefeld - FWC

    1430-1500 - Everglades Restoration Priorities
    Lt. Col. Thomas Greco - USACE

    0520-1630 - Panel Discussion - Florida Wetlands - Issues and Solutions

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