2017 FFWCC Duck Hunters Workshop

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    The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission will again be hosting a free "Waterfowl Hunting Workshop" this season at the following location:

    Saturday, November 4th, 2017 9a-5p
    Palm Bay Police Department
    Firearms Training Center
    620 Hurley Rd SW
    Palm Bay, Florida 32908

    Wetland habitat covers a vast expanse of Florida, and much of this habitat is open and available for public hunting.

    Large numbers of migratory ducks winter in the Sunshine State, particularly ring-necked ducks, scaup, teal, wood ducks, and wigeon.

    In addition, four species, the mottled duck (a.k.a. Florida duck), wood duck, black-bellied whistling duck, and fulvous whistling duck, live in the state year round.

    Easy access to hunting areas and a hunter success rate nearly twice the national average make Florida a great place to hunt ducks.

    This workshop is FREE to all attendees.

    Topics to be covered are:

    Waterfowl Hunting Ethics
    Waterfowl Identification
    Waterfowl Org's
    Places to Hunt
    Decoys & Patterns
    Shotguns & Ammunition
    Boats & Motors
    Clothing & Camo
    Retriever Training & Handling
    Safety-Survival-First Aid

    Your instructors are:

    FWC Research Waterfowl Biologist Mark McBride of the T.M. Goodwin Waterfowl Management Area

    Captain Jeff Kraynik - Past Florida Ducks Unlimited-State Council/Conservation Chair (MARSH)/Local Guide

    This is an interactive workshop for both the new & old duck hunters.

    "Our goal is to learn from each other"

    For more information on either workshop, please contact Biologist Mark McBride @ 321-726-2862 or Captain Jeff Kraynik at (321) 863-9182

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