3.15.17. #WaterFowlWednesday Committed Custom Calls "SnubNose"

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    Jan 1, 2003
    IMG_0521.jpg SnubNose Progress Update . Comment below if you have feedback for color options .

    Custom Wood calls will be pinned brass bands . (Traditional style) I think wood looks best traditional brass bands .

    Acrylic calls will have "Committed Custom Calls" "SnubNose 17' " engraved on bands . It sounds like popular CCC FANBASE vote is leaning towards GunMetal iodized aluminum bands . Maybe some Black Iodized aluminum bands for BlackOut Snubbies . I am not 100% sure yet . Acrylic Colors will be Black , Ivory , CokeBottle and possibly others .

    They are coming along I am beginning to ramp up production now that the call is where I want it operational and sound is beautiful . Acrylics probably first , Custom woods filtering in and I will send invoices when completed . No money until then to stay fair for all . They will be $140 for this small custom Snubbie run and I will contact you all when they are ready as they are made . * You still have several weeks of time to save your pennies and set them aside for your Custom Snubbie . * If you still have material send it in ASAP so I can get going on them . Thanks -Gary

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