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    Went out a couple saturdays ago to a spot located while setting up for a goose hunt. Which, in case you guys don't do this, I highly recommend it, bring a howler with you and let a few rip a few mins. before shooting time, it is a great way to locate coyotes.

    First dog came in, bouncing his way through the field grass, stopped behind a little ridge, poking his head up to stare at the Mojo Critter, at about 20 yards, the 308 did its job.
    Second dog was noticed after I kiyi'd after killing the first dog, he was about 400 yards away to my NE, was coming in, but held up, I figured out quickly that he had my truck in easy eye shot. So, I took the battle to him, he disappeared over his little hill, and off I went to meet up with him. Found myself in an awkward situation, over this little hill was standing corn.
    I'm now sitting with my 308, topped with an 8-32 power scope, looking at a 30 yard max shot.
    I was kneeling, I wear full 3d leaf style camo, so I am broken up, I didn't notice the second dog until he stuck his head up to look for me (I was doing a female estrus whimper), he was about 10 feet away, no hiding at this distance, he turned and trotted towards the standing corn about 10 yards behind him.
    I managed to get on him and put him down, who says "too much scope!":tu
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    Good job.:bow:bow:tu

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