A Good Choke that may be Discontinued...

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    Nov 7, 2001
    I sent a letter to the manufacturer to try to confirm it one way or the other. These throw nice patterns with pretty much everything I've tried, but are marked "No Steel Shot".

    Dear sirs,

    It appears that the Primos "Dead Deer" Choke Tubes have been discontinued. If that's the case, then I must say that I'm sorry to hear that. I personally own three of these "Dead Deer" choke tubes, and I use them in three different guns; a Remington 870, a Mossberg 500, and a Browning BPS.

    All three throw great patterns at 40 yards with 3" Magnum 00 Buckshot. My best pattern so far has been 10 pellets in a 10" circle, and all 15 pellets in a 15" circle, using Winchester Super X 3" Magnum Buckshot. Remington Express Buckshot does almost as well as the Winchester Super X.

    If the "Dead Deer" chokes were discontinued due to slow sales, I think that perhaps there just wasn't enough public awareness of them. I tried one in my Remington 870, and I was so pleased with the results that I purchased two more for my other shotguns, which worked equally as well. All 3 guns will put 9-10 00 Buck pellets in 10".

    I see other brands of choke tubes mentioned all the time in regard to use with large buckshot, but most people have overlooked this fine product, which I think works very, very well.


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