A Mixed Bag!

Discussion in 'Arkansas Flyway Forum' started by shoot_to_kill, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. While all u guys are out shootin somfin besides ducks , I managed to get 9 this weekend.... 5 fri morning and 4 sat morning...makin my total to 65 for the yr. Fri mornin was pretty fast walked out at 8 with 2 gad.. 2 widgeon.. 1 green.... and on sat mornin managed to get 3 gad and 1 wood... so was a pretty fair weekend for me I would say... am shootin for 100 for the yr... hope I can make it!

    Shoot To Kill!!
  2. Ark_Hammerdawg

    Ark_Hammerdawg Senior Refuge Member

    Nov 15, 2003
    SW Arkansas
    I had a good day also . On Saturday I got 2 crows 3 tree rats 1 woodpecker and a mallard hen...:h
  3. lol hammer keep it up mite even get a beaver next time!

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