A new way to tackle river access issues

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    Oct 25, 2013
    TIMBER RUNNER, I'm glad you are asking how to get your existing rights acknowledged and applied. Since it's an issue that has plenty of existing law, it's a matter of showing the law and having discussions with local sheriffs and authorities to apply this law (most of the time when you show the facts discussions work). You, the river user, do this, and NOR backs you up with resources and an organization you can refer to.
    An example of this is Ed the Fisherman (here's a link to his story http://www.nationalrivers.org/a-fishermans-story.html).

    What if you're too busy to do what Ed did? Then we can send river law info packets on your behalf to the government agency of your choice (http://www.nationalrivers.org/packets-sent.html). What about the follow up once agencies have received packets? That's where NOR is looking for river reps, people that are concerned about access on the rivers near them. As a local, you know where the issues are and what needs to be addresses. If you or someone you know is interested in this, have them contact me for more info. To have this info disseminated nationally, it's going to be a team effort!
    Does this help answer your question?

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