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    'Weapons' Movie Portrays Impact of Guns on America's Urban Neighborhoods
    PARK CITY -- Leaders of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence say a film to be debuted this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival here realistically and violently depicts a trend playing out more and more often in America's cities: Incidents of gun violence brought on by scenarios that used to lead to lesser confrontations.

    The film, "Weapons," was written and directed by Adam Bhala Lough and stars Nick Cannon and Paul Dano. Rob Fried of Fried Films is producer, along with Pantry Films.

    "Don't take your young children to see this film, but see it for the sake of your children," said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and a former three-term Mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind. "?Weapons? is captivating and in-your-face. It is a disturbingly real look at how disputes that used to end in fistfights outside the locker room now end in gunfire in the playground."

    Across America, police leaders are talking about a rise in violence over smaller and smaller matters -- one could call them trivial killings. People are getting shot over dirty looks or looking at someone's girlfriend the wrong way. They tell the police they were ?disrespected? or that someone was ?mean mugging? them.

    In the film, two angry teens secure a handgun from a gun trafficker to use to seek revenge.

    "?Weapons? is not a film specifically about the gun issue, but it is a film about the role guns play in urban violence in America today," Helmke said. "I believe this violence is increasing because we have made access to guns too easy in our country. Regardless of one's view on how best to reduce gun violence, however, this is a powerful film."

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