A warm and fuzzy editorial from the Gun Guys

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    America?s Loose Gun Laws Beget Gun Violence

    The editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, you?ll remember, is where the shooting happened at CNN Center last week) has written up a commentary about America?s supposed romance with firearms? even though we continually suffer from gun violence, the NRA?s iron grip on our legislators seems to keep even the most reasonable gun legislation from passing.

    That?s the real problem here. If America has a love affair with firearms, it?s only because of a gun lobby that gave up on reason and America?s safety a long time ago. The NRA hasn?t put forth one productive legislative effort in years? all of their legislation has focused exclusively on putting American citizens in even more danger. Even while the gun guys cheerlead for the NRA?s loony proposals, their passage in Congress puts us all in danger, and gives the gun industry an even deeper foothold against legislation that would end the violence. The gun guys are even cheering for laws that remove their own protections? the gun lawsuit bill passed last year make the gun industry immune from all liability lawsuits, and who are more likely to bring liability lawsuits against the gun industry than anyone else? Gun owners. But that fact evaded the NRA? their real masters aren?t the supposed grassroots movement that supports them (because that movement is a minority of extremists whose voices are louder in decibels than their IQ is), but the gun industry, who continue to profit off of the deaths of Americans.

    The good news is that we don?t have to simply live with the violence. The NRA may influence our Congress, but they don?t have control? we do. Survey after survey shows that Americans are in support of stronger gun laws that prevent gun violence. We can?t let the NRA usurp our legislators for gun industry profits any longer? our citizens are dying, and it?s time to end the violence with strong gun laws.
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    These jackaxe's needed to have lived through the looting following Katrina. :mad:

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