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    Aye Mates,
    Now a wee bit o'er 5 months old, ALLIE MAE a yellow female Lab pup out of the TRAD x MAGGIE breeding is coming along extremely nicely. Having started basic obedience on 8/1/17, ALLIE has undergone near daily training since with frequent (multiple short sessions) of formal basic obedience training and whilst she is living at home she has multiple daily teachable moments. Me work in training both ALLIE MAE and concurrently doing the same with her owner / handler Bill has been highly efficient in forming them into a nicely bonded and focused team in the training arena and otherwise. ALLIE MAE now has a firm operational knowledge o' the verbal commands for recall (HERE), SIT, STAY, HEEL, DOWN, PLACE, and KENNEL UP - both the commands and the associated desired behaviors. As well, ALLIE has learned whistle signals for SIT and recall (HERE). ALLIE MAE has also learned gestural cues for SIT, recall HERE, and DOWN. ALLIE's response to all of these desired behaviors upon issue of the verbal commands, whistle signals, and gestural cues on which she has been trained are now of a high order of response / compliance. ALLIE is a highly focused / very attentive pup and a joy to be around.

    We have now started ALLIE in the process of collar conditioning by just letting her wear the e-collar during every training session and multiple times per day about her home. The collar is put on and taken off of ALLIE - ALWAYS IN THE "OFF" MODE AT THIS POINT IN THE PROCESS. In this approach, ALLIE is learning that the e-collar is no more to be feared than was her regular collar which see started wearing as a young pup. This approach to e-collar conditioning is also to prevent ALLIE from becoming "collar wise" relative to it's use as a conditioning / corrective tool. ALLIE will continue to wear the collar in the "OFF MODE" for several weeks on a frequency order of several times per day prior to our establishing her level of reactivity to e-stimulation via the collar. Once her level of reactivity is established and noted, ALLIE will continue her training in formalized obedience along with e-collar conditioning initially to the SIT and HERE command and associated behaviors. ALLIE has already learned how to earn rewards for performing desired behaviors immediately upon a given command, whistle signal, and / or gestural cue. ALLIE has also learned how to accept training pressure via work on both the slip lead and check cord. As ALLIE continues to learn how to deal with associated e-collar stimulation / training pressure, her response to the desired commands of SIT and recall (HERE) will sharpen rapidly and accurately. As those behavioral responses sharpen and become well entrenched, we will continue to extend training pressure from the e-collar in the development of other desired behaviors we seek to establish in her continuing training and conditioning as a gun dog recruit.

    As ALLIE will soon have a full set o' her secondary teeth, we will move on to both "HOLD" and eventually to the "FORCE FETCH" conditioning processes in that successive order. Once those desired behaviors are firmly established, ALLIE will continue her training of the retrieval of marks of both bumpers and birds on both land and water (the latter being as seasonal temperatures are conducive thereto). ALLIE is also continually being desensitized and conditioned with regard to gunfire and has demonstrated no aversive reactivity thereof. ALLIE has also been introduced to bumpers, live birds, decoys, duck calls, and water (she now swims like an otter). ALLIE also continues to be socialized to other dogs and people as well as to a wide range of environmental conditions in which she will work, play, and live - she has been highly adaptive to all and is highly social.

    We continue to be both highly impressed with ALLIE in her focus and motivation levels demonstrated during training and seek to maintain those levels as we move her toward new skill sets.

    ALLIE wearing her e-collar in the "OFF MODE" during recent training session as part o' the initial / introductory phase o' e-collar conditioning.

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