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    Please read the Synopsis below and if you Support the Concept and potential program AMA as a legislative proposal for 2017 legislative Session, Please Copy & Paste the legislative Draft below along with your Support to the Full House & Senate Natural Resource Committee members.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I _________________________ Support the AMA program that would be strictly funded by the Fishing Habitat Stamp fee increase of $3 dollars and a $3 dollar increase to the Hunting Habitat Stamp. Both said increases will be combined to Support the AMA program to Restore , Enhance, Protect our Rivers, Streams, Creeks and Shallow Lakes. From Timber restoration Aquatic Restoration, Chutes, Ox-bows and of the like all benefiting Iowas Natural Resources, Deer Turkey, Fisheries, Waterfowl and many more. It will increase our recreational opportunities and provide increased access.


    The proposal calls for a Habitat Stamp Increase of $3 dollars to the Fishing Habitat stamp program and a $3 dollar increase to the Hunting Habitat Stamp program. The increase associated to both programs should be Combined as a source of revenue to Support the Iowa Aquatic Management Area Program. The annual revenue generated under this New program by associated fee increases would roughly be about 1 Million dollars Annually. These revenues would be supplemental revenues to the existing IDNR budget and shall not be utilized for any other program or other budget shortfall / purpose. These specific revenues shall be used for the strict purposes of Acquisition, Restoration, Enhancement and long term conservation easement agreements protection along Iowa's Rivers, Streams, Creeks and shallow Lakes. These revenues shall strictly be utilized as a matching grant source for Federal, State grants or of the like to maximize Sportsmens revenues out on the Iowa landscape. These specific revenues shall not be used for any other purposes. The AMA program will accomplish multiple tasks from Improved habitat along our waterways from Timber restoration work, to aquatic habitat restoration work that greatly benefits Iowa's Natural Resources and improves recreational sportsmen's opportunities while providing greater access to Iowa's Natural Resources. The AMA also calls for the development of / a portion of revenues to be used to secure Long Term Conservation Easement Agreements along Iowa's Rivers, Creeks, Streams and Shallow lakes. This Conservation Easement agreement portion shall function Exactly like Iowa's IHAP program and as a means of cost share to help Iowa's Farmers & Private landowners to become conservation compliant in thier battle to reduce Nutrient and sedimentation, bank erosion and stabilization problems and to assist in the protection of said waterways. In exchange for this assistance Farmers or Private ownership would agree in exchange for this specific assistance to improve habitat along trouble areas would be Open for Public access for Hunting Fishing. Again said revenues associated would be used strictly as match for federal or state grant or of the like to maximize sportsmen's dollars why providing cost share assistance to farmers and private land ownership to lessen the financial burdens some may face. As stated in exchange for this assistance to improve and protect Habitat conditions along those waterways.This aspect or portion of the AMA is voluntary for those who seek said financial support.


    Said revenues Generated by the AMA shall be specifically directed to the Iowa Fish & Wildlife Trust Fund for the specific purpose to develop a working AMA program by the IDNR Fish & Wildlife department and its implementation. The above protections are specific and Guarantees that said Sportsmens Hard Earned Habitat Stamp Revenues are being strictly utilized for the above purposes of habitat development, Restoration, Enhancement, Protection, Acquisition and Conservation Easements alongs Iowa's Waterways. This would greatly enhance the IDNRs ability and complement other environmental programs / objectives in Nutrient Reduction as a By-product. The AMA program would generate millions in federal grant match opportunities that Otherwise Iowa would not be able to obtain. It is of strict emphasis that the above associated fee increases be specifically protected from any other use, application or budget shortfalls.

    Example is the present Iowa IHAP program. Last year the IDNR Received a 3 Million dollar match grant through the USDA open green spaces. It has established 14,800 sum thousand additional habitat acres on the private landscape that is Open to the public. I want to say it is estimated that by 2017-2018 that program could reach an estimated 4k more acres bringing a total of 18k habitat acres on the Iowa landscape that is open to public recreational activity on the private landscape.

    Example is Iowa's NAWCA grant program. Again this specific program has brought Millions of federal conservation grant revenues into Iowa to help it restore, enhance, improve Migratory habitat on the Iowa landscape. These same projects also provide key controls into Nutrient reduction, improved water quality, soil stabilization, bank stabilization.

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