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Discussion in 'Book Forum' started by 'tween_fly_ways, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    I am putting out a plea to write reviews for books on Amazon. . .and to be wary of them.:nutz

    I recently bought a book (very cheap e-book, 99cents) that was not worth even that. The premise looked really intriguing, the price was cheap (and some of those 99cent books are actually a decent read), but the pages did not live up to the promise. In fact, I could not finish it--the only time this has ever happened.

    Scanning the first few (visible) reviews, all had four stars. However, once you click on the "view all reviews" button, a different picture appears. I wish I had clicked that button.

    The grammar, punctuation and language was so bad that large sections were literally incomprehensible. It was as if someone who has English as a fifth (and little used) language had written it.

    So, I wrote my first review, and beg you that use Amazon to take five minutes to do the same for books you've read. You may save someone's day. . . or at least 99 cents.
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    Mar 7, 2001
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    I've often thought about it.

    Not because I think I'm qualified in any way to review literature, but because I've benefited greatly in the past from reviews on all kinds of products available on Amazon--bought or passed on (positive and negative)....and if folks don't take the time to offer reviews.....

    I've bought some really good reads on Amazon. I think I'll go offer a few reviews in appreciation for reviews I've read and in an effort to support more purchases of quality books I've enjoyed.

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