Any guys tinker with lures on the off Season?

Discussion in 'Fishing Forum' started by Krappie, Dec 28, 2000.

  1. Krappie

    Krappie Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 11, 2000
    Depere, WI, USA
    I must be going a little stir crazy right now. It's been colder than hell for the last month and I've been cooped up inside the ice fishing shack or the apartment. It's almost January, but we have quite a few more months of winter left!!!!!!! UUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!! O.K. O.K. enough complaining. I've been busting out the fly tying vise and I've been tying up some bucktails for some musky fishing. I've also been turning out a few patterns for some steelheading this coming spring..(hopefully the water will be up alot more than previous springs!!!) I'm a big time lure tinker during the winter months. Plus being a musky appears that most of us guys have the mannerism of tinkering with every lure to make it better. Or we are complete saddist and just love ruining a perfectly good plug that runs about $12 a piece.he,he,he. No really I'm going to be doctoring up some plugs so I can achieve neutral bouyancy, and adjust a few old lures and try to resurrect them from the dead. I was wondering if anyone else out there does the same thing during the winter months?

    catch ya later,
  2. Greybeard

    Greybeard Elite Refuge Member

    May 16, 2000
    You Betcha! I go thru the same routine every Winter. Especially "re-constructing" my Fly vests and re-arranging my Fly boxes.
    Our buddy that tied the Sparkle Minnow was invited to our house for Christmas (he's a bachelor)and he brought 2 of this fly boxes.
    Dude! The kid is tying #28's so damned realistic they blow my mind! Royal Coachman, Comparaduns, Royal Wulffs,Bluewinged Olives, you name it....he's got it.
    We also "re-watched" our video of our last 4 years of fly-fishing trips. Funny how I can recall every stone that I caught a Trout on in the Big Horns of Wyoming and can't remember if I put my clothes on this morning!
    Guess some things just "really matter"! HAR!

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