Any information on the Sport V 44 would be greatly appreciated

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    Nov 30, 2011
    I have recently ran across a deal I couldn't pass up on a Sport V 44. I know absolutely nothing about them other than what I have read online. As far as the engine is concerned, I'm a long time prodrive guy and the block is basically the same. A little back history, the original owner got tired of it and its inability to start all the time. From him, it would run like a top, but wouldn't always start right back up. So he stuck in on a pallet and told me if I wanted it, come get for FREE!!! So here i am. First thing I noticed was that the stator and rectifier had been tampered with. Of the 5 wires from the stator (50amp), only 2 were hooked up, the other 3 were cut. This initially made me think he was getting adequate charging to the battery. So I decided to just pull the block and start from scratch.

    Thats when I noticed there was no clutch. Very nice being I have burnt up my share of clutches on my PD with the torque of a stage 2 kawasaki 37. I was able to seperate the block from the lower. There was some rust on the coupling (love joy type), and I was able to clean that up. I decided to break the motor completely down. Pulled the BPS heads and noticed cyl 1 had a crack between the valves. Kept digging deeper and found a few other issues, but nothing major. Pulled carb and BPS-Q (cracked) and have picked up a new set of heads.

    All in all, it appears to be a solid block that was neglected but still a solid block. I have installed a cam, and have cleaned up the BPS heads now that they are seasoned. the valves guides had walked. I have also sent the sump and crank gear out for machining to eliminate the case gasket. Once I get them back, I'll be able to button her up and re wire the entire thing. Prob overkill, but after seeing those stator wires cut, there is no telling what else is cut or damaged. And I'd like to have everything right before i fire it up.

    I have cleaned up the inside of the clutch area and have removed the steering linkage that was bent from placing it on the pallet. One other thing that I noticed and from reading online is the lower and tiller section breaking. This one had a stainless steel plate with a that had an square section sticking out the front. it was sandwiched between the engine and the lower. This must be the reinforcement or fix that I read online. ???

    Being it was a steering setup, i'll need to get a tiller assembly, or i can just simply fab up something that will mount to the SS plate. No problem. Which finally brings me to the lower section of this Sport V 44. I assume it has some sort of lower unit oil (like an outboard), is there any particular place to check level, add fluid, grease zerts, etc? I did notice the shift linkage and messed with it a bit to get a feel of the FNR system. I haven't pulled the prop yet to see if the shaft is threaded, hex'd or spline.

    Sorry for the long post, just want to try and get as much information as I can on this thing in the event I need to repair, maintain or just know whats going on inside.

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