Any photoshop/graphic artists on here and bored?

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    I'm doing some thinking/planning/daydreaming. . . and need a visual aid. A more decent version of Paint than mine might even work.

    I'm looking at some paint and graphics scenarios for a Scrambler and can't quite picture them in my mind. I like a darker gray paint, and I like the Phoenix Graphix tri-color hockey stick decals. . . but they don't have one that's three shades of gray-to-black like I think I would prefer (not an original color).

    So, I was wondering if someone with skills could show me what the Phoenix blue tri-color stripes & SCRAMBLER decal would look like on a darker gray paint instead of the light blue or silver you normally see it on.

    Something to keep you out of the pool hall. . .

    Thanks for any help,

    Here are a couple of pics from the web--two shades of gray I'm considering.

    And, of course, the Phoenix Graphix pic:

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