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Anyone heading to Sharonville Gun range??

Discussion in 'Michigan Flyway Forum' started by jrothWA, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. jrothWA

    jrothWA Senior Refuge Member

    Nov 7, 2006
    Just a note: that the E-W Sharon Valley Rd, is close, where the road crosses over the River Raison, due to a DELAYED bridge replacement [by Washtenaw Road Commision]., and the shut-down of construction.
    Two way to get around:
    1: Stay on Austin Rd., from intersection of Austin & Sharon Hollow, heading West, until the western end of Sharon valley rejoins Austin Rd., and head back East, to the range.
    this is for those coming from the village of Manchester.

    2: Go North on Sharon Hollow Rd, past Sharon Valley and the Sharon Mill county park, till you come to the intersection of Eusades Rd., turn West and take to meet Prospect Hill Rd., than turn south to Sharon Valley Rd., then West to range.

    3: Take the dirt roads of Lamb, South from Sharon Valley Rd., to BUss Rd., then West to Pierce Rd., and North to Sharon Valley, then you'll see the range.

    Good Luck.

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