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    Hey guys just looking for a little assistance with a moose hunt this year. This will be my 4th trip in the last 5 years to moose hunt in AK. I have been pretty fortunate that the last few years have worked out perfectly with my work schedule, but as an active duty Marine I will be moving next spring, and this may be my last trip up for a few years. My uncle is retired AF, and lives in Eagle River, and in the previous trips we have hunted in either GMU 13 or 14. This year my dad and another uncle are coming up, and with none of us getting drawn in 13 we have decided to try something a little different this year. Our current plan is to go up the middle fork of the Chena and hunt 20b primarily for moose, but if there are any caribou coming through then possibly go after a bull bou as well.

    Our hunt will start on 1 Sept. We will be using a duck boat with a surface drive motor to get up the river. First and perhaps most important question is will water depth allow us to go up river with that set up? On step the boat can run in just a couple of inches of water, but that doesn't mean we want to miss a large rock sticking up and go all Titanic in the middle of the river.

    Should we go as far E as the Van Curlers landing and the gold mine or is that too far plus too much pressure due to fly in hunters in that area?

    I have been looking at topo maps and imagery trying to get a feel for the terrain around the river. Some of the imagery is from winter so it's difficult to get an idea of vegetation coverage in the area around the river. Is our best bet going to be climbing the adjacent hills and glassing or maybe doing a combo of glassing/calling near the water and some sloughs/oxbows? We don't want to get more than a mile from the river. Actually I don't want to because as the youngest, and with an AF uncle and Navy uncle they will need to be rescued by the Marine in the family when it comes time to pack any kill back to the boat!

    I don't want to steal anyone's secret spots or anything just want to make sure we can get up river safely and don't waste a ton of time going too far up river. I am definitely open to PMs, if anyone wants to discuss some details off of the open forum. Thanks ahead of time for any assistance!

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