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  1. Floridaboy

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    Feb 8, 2001
    The really bad part of this to me is the support the husband is getting to be able to use the legal system to kill his wife.

    You can save all "she is already dead" and "there is no quality of life" statements.

    She is alive and we are all standing by while she is slowly murdered.
  2. Delta G

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    Nov 15, 2000
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    In my opinion, Michael Shaivo is treating this entire thing as nothing more than an "ownership" deal. In his mind, he "Owns" Terri Shaivo--it is very simple. Just as he could jerk the fuel line off his lawn mower, he can jerk her feeding tube out--no big deal, right? He "owns" them both! He is being supported by the "Right to Die" attorneys who see this as the starting point of a new, and profitable work arena for them to pursue.

    Also, it seems that I heard long ago, that Michael Shaivo has a large life insurance policy on Terri and can't wait for her to die so he can collect--apparently, he has gone through too much of the $1.3million settlement he already collected--which, by the way, was to be used totally for her rehabilitation and care for the rest of her life, which the court estimated to be at least 51 years--he agreed with that, took the cash, and stopped her rehab.
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    May 6, 2003
    Wrong the settlement was for 1 million total. $700,000.00 to Terri for medical expenses long since gone and $300,000.00 to him for the loss of a loved one. I would hope that if I were ever in her position that my wife would be as strong as he has been.
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    Mar 11, 2000
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    Lets say on some level she is aware... The arguement is she wants to live ..well what if she wants to be let go?..what if she has been suffering for years now and the tube being left in will make it continue. Maybe she is wishing to be with God and have an end to this earthly body. So now people say leave the tube in and make her suffer for years more. I think its up to her DPA and everyone else butt out.

    Go to a hospice and see the terminal patients. See people in pain and suffering that is unending.
  5. Tom Phillips*

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    Monday, March 21, 2005
    Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld What's love got to
    do with it?
    Posted: March 21, 2005
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    By Samuel Blumenfeld
    © 2005

    Can a husband murder his wife? That is exactly what Michael Schiavo is
    doing in ordering the feeding tube to be removed from his wife. His
    intention is to murder Terri Schiavo by starving her to death. He is
    doing this to get rid of her so he can marry his common-law wife with
    whom he has been living for the last 10 years. He can divorce Terri
    Schiavo, but he would rather have her dead so that he can inherit her

    Can a U.S. court permit a husband to murder his wife legally? As far
    as this writer knows, murder cannot be made legal in the United
    States, except in the case self-defense or abortion, in which pregnant
    women can legally kill their unborn children. It is the slippery slope
    of abortive murder that has made it possible for a judge to order the
    murder of a disabled human being.

    Terri Schiavo is no burden on her husband. She is being cared for by
    her parents who love her. The word "love" has not been used by the
    court in this case. As far as the judge is concerned, love is not an
    issue or even a consideration. Terri's parents accept her disabled
    state. She smiles at them. She hears them. But she cannot speak to
    them. And as long as they are able to maintain and support their
    daughter in her disabled state, why should the court deny them this
    expression of their love? Is not sacrifice an important manifestation
    of love?

    Those in the medical profession who are so eager to pull the feeding
    tube from Terri's body are violating their Hippocratic oath. Of
    course, the medical profession has long discarded that oath in which
    doctors pledge to do no harm to their patients.

    These days, with so much public debate over assisted suicide,
    legalized abortion, partial-birth abortion and euthanasia, we see an
    ominous trend toward rejecting life and favoring death. True, in the
    end we all die, but how we die is the question. We can die heroically
    on the battlefield, or unheroically in a car accident. But the only
    civilized way to die is the natural way, through natural causes.

    Modern science has enabled Terri Schiavo to continue living even
    though she has been severely disabled. Does she want to die? She
    cannot tell us. But every time she looks into the eyes of her parents
    and smiles at them, she is saying, I want to continue to live, if for
    no other reason than to experience your love. Love conquers all. It is
    the bridge between Terri and her parents who deeply care for her. If
    she did not have that continuous infusion of love, which reaches her
    through her eyes, then she would probably want to die.

    Apparently, although she is disabled, Terri is not in pain. If she
    were in pain, her face would show it. Nor would her parents want her
    to live in a constant state of pain. It seems that Terri lives in a
    kind of painless euphoria that the love of her parents fuels and keeps
    alive. Without that love she would probably die for the lack of it.

    Anyone who has loved knows that agape, or unselfish love, entails
    sacrifice. True love consists of a strong affirmation of another
    person without considering what we get in return. That is the story of
    requited as well as unrequited love. That is the story of falling in
    love with another person before we even know that the other person
    loves us.

    Terri's parents love her, even though they know that Terri is a
    burden. And Terri's love for them is not disputed by anyone, including
    her husband or the doctors so eager to pull her feeding tube. As long
    as Terri can love, is that not a recognition that she is very much
    alive, much more alive than those who cannot love?

    Love, with the help of medical science, keeps Terri alive. If judges
    and doctors think that love in not important, and if the people of
    this country agree with them, then we are no longer civilized or human.
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    Oct 4, 2003
    Lafayette, LA
  7. Pa Goosehntr

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    Feb 14, 2002
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    You know,
    I'm glad everyone knows the love of the husband and wife,
    I'm glad everyone knows the wishes expressed between the two,
    I'm glad everyone has a medical background and a legal one too,
    I'm glad I can feel pain as most of you can,
    I'm glad that stones can be cast because all know the expressed feelings that were shared between husband and wife,
    I'm glad that everyones mind is bringing forth so many opinions,
    Take time and truely think about what you are saying and apply it
    to you or your spouse....It's not an easy decission....but this is a media madness driven, paper selling issue....that has expanded for media gain

    God rest her soul!!!!
  8. Tom Phillips*

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    Dec 26, 2001
    San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Friday, March 25, 2005 9:31 a.m. EST
    Terri Nurse: Let Me Testify

    A registered nurse who cared for Terri Schiavo complained on Thursday that federal judges in the case have not taken the time to examine her bombshell allegations - and she is considering joining with two other Schiavo nurses for a joint press conference.

    "We wanted to testify but we weren't allowed to," Carla Sauer Iyer told WBT Charlotte substitute host Steve Malzberg.

    "Very few of us were allowed to see Terri," she said, noting that she and her nurse colleagues witnessed behavior that would be inconsistent for someone in a persistent vegetative state.
    "That's been the problem the whole time - [presiding] Judge Greer not looking into all the evidence," Iyer said.

    Asked if any of the other judges who reviewed the case and ruled against Terri recently know anything about her story, Iyer said, "They have never interviewed me.

    "None of us were able to testify," she said, referring to fellow nurses Heidi Law and Carolyn Johnson, who corroborate Iyer's claims that medical treatment was being withheld from Terri on Michael Schiavo's orders.

    "Nineteen judges have not looked at the evidence," Iyer complained.

    Asked if she would consider holding a joint press conference with nurses Law and Johnson, Iyer said: "Yes. I can get a hold of Carolyn." But she wasn't sure about Ms. Law.

    "She said she had been threatened and was scared" back in 2003, after submitting an affidavit in the case, Iyer said.

    "I was being followed back then," Iyer revealed, saying she called police at the time. "Even my neighbors were saying somebody was watching my house."

    Iyer said she had attempted to contact Gov. Jeb Bush years ago and would try again on Friday as the clock winds down on Schiavo's life.

    Since Iyer spoke to Malzberg, Ms. Law has come forward for radio and television interviews.

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    If a husband tries to kill his wife over and over again. If he lives with another woman, has two children and gets engaged to her, IS HE STILL HER HUSBAND?

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