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Bag ideas for Final Approach Livecraft Fullbodies

Discussion in 'Decoy Forum' started by NEwaterfolwer, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. NEwaterfolwer

    NEwaterfolwer New Member

    Jan 26, 2018
    Just recently purchased some of these and now I'm looking at bags to store and haul them in. I'd prefer a 12 slot bag that's big enough to leave the ring bases on. Anybody have any thoughts on where I can find any of these?

    Or is it a bad idea to leave the bases on, and instead I need to be looking at a mid size 12 slot bag?
  2. full choke

    full choke Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 7, 2001
    maple valley
    IMO- do not leave the bases on. I have tried in the past with other fullbodies, it just leads to scratches and rubs and bad paint. And with bases on, the bag dimensions become large and awkward.

    I would also suggest using six slot bags vs 12 slot. Much easier to handle when hauling them. I have put 12 lesser size dekes in regular sized 6 slots before, and that worked ok. But... it was awkward to haul them around.

    I would also look at Diane's Custom bags. They might be a bit pricier than others, but they hold up forever.

    Again- just my opinions based on what we have tried. Your ideas may differ.
  3. mpkowal

    mpkowal Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 20, 2015
  4. White Smoke

    White Smoke New Member

    Feb 28, 2015
    Bulk decoy had some nice looking bags for 29.99 with free shipping.
  5. don835

    don835 Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    May 1, 2002
    Hadar, Nebraska
    Check Rogers Sale going on. I have 18 New DSD that I put in 3 six slot bags from them and really like this bag. I take the stands off but Rogers offers a 6 slot for Decoys with stands on. If you have a trailer the 6 slots are the bomb but if you don't then single bags from Cleanersupply work Great. If you get the 40" x 30" bags the decoy and stand will fit easily...what I use when I can't run the 6 slots. Hope this helps ya...Murph.
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  6. Waterdog Trainer

    Waterdog Trainer Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 15, 2014
    I would not leave the stands on if you are going to bag them. I can see many issues with this. Go with 6 slots. Easier to lift and carry, less awkward. I would suggest you may want to look at individual bags. If not you should consider a 6 slot with a top. I have RDCs and use Rig Em Right deluxe 6 slots. They have padded sides and top which zips closed. I have both the Honker bag and lesser for my specks. The padding protects the decoys better and the bag stands up nicely when picking up. Rig Em Right also have regular 6 slots with a snap on cover if you want to use it. Both bags are extremely well made. They are more costly than most but are worth it IMO.
  7. cnegeese801

    cnegeese801 Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 29, 2008
    I use just single bags from cleaners. Love them and driving with in a 100 yes works great I carry 10 dsd honk with strings on bags. Think I paid $1.73 OR 2.30 a bag I think I might use them for floaters as long as not muddy. Always like your comments murph

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