Basic Gun Dog/Reasonable time frame?

Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by DroberF16, Jan 1, 2004.

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    DroberF16, to get a pup to the basic level that you stated should/could be done in 4 months. Where things get real iffy is when the owner can not communicate what he wants. If you told your trainer, " I really want to get this pup out hunting this season and I do not care about the dog being able to handle", that gives the trainer a goal to shoot for and an understanding of what you want.
    A trainer is going to know what kind of dog he has within the first two weeks, give or take some and should be able to tell if the dog will at least be serviceable.
    One of the big problems I encounter is that the owner really does not know what they want. Personally, I would be very uncomfortable training a pup and not knowing the owners expectations or what they plan for the pup.
    Sound basics make good dogs, no matter what they are being trained for, but all training is not the same and needs to be based, at least to a certain degree, on the end results desired.
    Flexibility is a cornerstone of dog training, flexibility is not the same as taking shortcuts or not doing a thorough job in the areas where a thorough job is an absolute.
    After 4 months a trainer should be able to tell you where the dogs is in its training and based on that, where it will be in another month.
    Good basics make for a good dog, but after all is said and done, good hunting dogs get there by being exposed to hunting and gaining experience.
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    Those were exactly the goals outlined. Steady, FF and multiple marks, collar cond. and basic ob, no blinds and no handling.

    Thanks for all the replies, I will get my dog this next week and if anyone is interested, I will let you know how "we" do together. It's going to be a blast!

    Its just the begining of another level of waterfowling, and I always get way too much into it, probably just like many others here!


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