Basic Wildfowl sausage.

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    After about a hundred pounds of sausage making, I realized that keeping it simple is the key. Start with ground pork. Any cut. 50% is good but lower fat content is ok too. Just don't go down to less than 35% fat. I grind my own pork so I can regulate it easily. The excess lean is saved for the BBQ. Grind up mostly frozen wildfowl meat. Mix with the pork 50/50. Mix in 1 1/2 table spoons of tender quick salt per pound of mixed meat. What you will have is a very bland sausage. So start adding things like, 1 1/2 tablespoons of rubbed sage for breakfast sausage. Add 1 1/2 tablespoon fresh crushed fennal, 1 tablespoon italian seasonings and 1 tablespoon crushed anise seed and you will have Italian sausage. You can add finely chopped potato and any other spices to taste for an old world classic.
    After mixing, place crear wrap on top of the meat pressing out as much air as possible and set in the coldest part of you fridge for a day. Freeze as fresh or process any way you wish.
    Sodium Nitrite (pink salt) can be used as a cure and preservative in place of half the salt. Cut your salt in half and add pink salt at 1/8th TEAspoon per pound of mixed meat. The sodium content will be a bit lower. Pink salt will color the meat to a good red, so I like it in my jerky rub.
    Keep your meat cold at all times. If you are delayed then put it all in the freezer for a quick cool down.
    Todays recipe to follow.

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