Big water/bad weather boating advice thread

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  1. Bob Johnson

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    Aug 14, 2001
    read the Boston Globe story......its insane a guide would let someone off on ground that will go under water, and then the guide drive the boat away!.... and to put the cherry on top....the only comment was from a snowflake who could NOT believe the ducks would even go to the salt water!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha
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  2. billblack

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Sebastian, FL
    Tragic trouble in bad weather on big water is not always the exclusive property of duck hunters or colder climes. Bass boats are NOT built for dealing with the kind of waves that can build on big reservoirs and lakes. Two tournament bass fishermen were missing on Lake Okeechobee, one was found alive but suffering from hypothermia, the other has yet to be found as of today, the 3rd day he's been missing.
    Let's be safe out there!

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