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    People often ask why I spend the extra money to ship my birds half way across the country. The answer has always been simple to me... these birds are not just a trophy specimen, they are a memory of a great hunt, the chase to conquer a goal or to preserve a special day with friends, family or dogs that are not with us any more. For all these reasons, I want these trophies to look as lifelike as possible to hold on to that special time just a little longer.

    Brad's done several of my birds, and he's a true artist and I can't thank him enough for his honesty about what I send him on what poses options I have.
    This is the last duck Gunnar, my German Shorthair retrieved last year before I had to put him down from cancer.
    The Black Duck was from the last day of our season in 2016, and I've passed on getting them mounted because I had a blind in a creek that was loaded with them. Well I don't have that spot any more, and with the passing of Gunnar I realized you have to take advantage of opportunities. Life can pass simply to quickly!
    The Goldeneye I told Brad I wanted it to be sitting on a rock but it had to have the capability of being on the wall or on a desk. As I said, why would you spend money for the unknown... give it to a professional and don't take the risk!

    Thanks again for all your hard work Brad!
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