Breeding Grounds in Trouble

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    Breeding Ground in Trouble
    Hey Fellas:

    I was just at the DU web site and they have a link where you can contact your senator, state rep, or congress man about how the changing of the clean water bill can and will affect breeding grounds for waterfowl.

    The link is super easy and it already has the message written you just have to add your personal information to it, and whom you want it addressed.

    Take action today to save the prairie potholes

    *****The prairie pothole region, the most important breeding habitat for waterfowl in the U.S., is facing an increased threat. Depending on how the Bush Administration interprets and acts on a Supreme Court decision affecting wetlands, scientists estimate that up to 96 percent of the potholes could lose current federal protection. Experts estimate that in some years this could mean a severe reduction or even closure of duck hunting.

    To send a message to the White House, the Secretary of the Interior, and your representatives in Congress, click on the “Take Action” button, and tell Washington how important this issue is.******

    This isnt a spam...or anything like that I am just saying if we can make our voices heard than by-god we need to do anything we can before the government kill's our voice altoughethor.

    They have some interesting information on the site and it updates what is currently happening at the government level. Just thought I would pass this information along.


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