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Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting Forum' started by chocoduckdog, Jul 29, 2001.

  1. chocoduckdog

    chocoduckdog Guest

    Sorry buddy, i didn't see your question.
    I really like my .300 RUM, for being, like you said, a cannon. It was fairly accurate out of the box but i doctored it up just by bedding the barrel and lightening up the trigger a bit (3lbs). That improved my groups quite a bit..

    I just got my dies (Redding) so i haven't really worked up any loads as of yet. The factory listed ballistics for it are real impressive, i think. I'm pretty sure theres a little edge on the 7STW, but when you dealing with that much energy your kinda splitting hairs!

    People ask "why such a big gun?". I do most of my hunting down in the southern region of my state and shots out to 400yrds. are not out of the norm! I definetley try to close in as short as i can but those desert muleys can see you a long ways away.. I like to know that when i do have to spit one out at longer distances, i got the energy to make a clean kill. I also practice religously!!!!
    Let me know what you decide. ;)

    Dan :D
  2. BRUNO

    BRUNO Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    Gander , NF , Canada
    Yeah that's kinda why I'm lookin at the STW or the Ultra as well. Most of our big game hunting goes from one extreme of yardages to the other...One the one hand, if you're in the woods, it's usually so dense that alot of the Moose shots are well inside of 100yards (more like 50),however we have bogs and barrens where we get our Caribou that are miles long.Like you said, it's nice to have confidence in knowing that you're shooting a rifle has the potential to kill cleanly at unbelievable yardages ,when you need it ,as long as your personal ability permits that. Plus ,I want to get a new rifle anyway, who should need an excuse for that? LOL!...I love my 7MM but a turbo charged 7 sounds even better...I haven't used a .300 but have a friend that uses them religiously and swears by them so I'm considering the ultra as well. I'll let you know how I make out...Let me know how your handloads go as well.Thanks for your input.


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