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    Aug 9, 2017
    Hunt 4 Buck.jpeg Hunt 4 Buck.jpeg Today was last day to hunt A zone. Ran into a few separate parties at the gas station all with hopes of punching a tag... we on the other hand were pretty confident we would get our Buck. Beautiful morning scout started a little slow before we sent our guest on a canyon drive that pushed up 8 deer including a real wall hanger... but no shot was taken... next we pushed up another nice buck but he was moving into the cover for refuge so he lives to play the game another day.

    about 10 am now...i send my guest down the canyon the that held the pigs and 9 deer last week... I went to the bottom of the canyon and tried to push game up in the canyon.

    This nice Meat buck was taken at about 80 yards with a precise kill shot. The body is bigger than rack suggests... he will be great in the freezer for sure.

    I have some 2018 hunt trades confirmed already so if you think you want a Buck next year let me know what you have offer. I will let things cool down a bit and then head out for a turkey and a pig. If that sounds fun let me know and we can make that happen
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    Nice! Wish I had something other then dirty widgeon limits to offer. Nice!


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