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  1. Jim Dandy

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    Dec 6, 2011
    It's Still "We The People", right??
    Boat Deal:

    OK so here's the deal. I am brokering for/with a good friend. We have a 10' Columbia fiberglass skiff in very good condition we are looking to partial trade with cash for a wide V-hull aluminum welded, 14-15 foot with a good motor. The Columbia is painted brown/green, and you would have the choice between a camo 5.5 horse Evinrude, or a black 7.5 Mercury, both 2 strokes and running very well. The skiff has CF numbers and will be registered/pink slipped by time of trade, if we find a trade. Gregor, Klamath, Western, even a welded Valco are all good. No riveted hulls please. We also need a serviceable trailer. We can do basic work on outboards and would want a minimum 30 horse on the boat. This boat would be for open water hunting. It's a Hail Mary I know but I've found them here before. The Columbia would be ideal for anyone looking to hunt smaller tidal areas and sloughs, and we have some new water opening this season. To sell by itself, we are looking for 1200 cash for just the skiff/motor package. Pics will be forthcoming.

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