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    Jul 23, 2003
    First...Happy New Year!

    I am home on a few day break from hunting. Spent the last five days quail and dove hunting in S. Texas, and heading back down again early next week. On the evening of our last hunt, just minutes before we were done, I glanced down at my little girl and saw that she had become a pin-cushion. Somehow she got into some cactus...major! Spent most of the night and the next day pulling them out, but there are still more and they are getting harder to find. She even had them inside her mouth. Question...though they don't seem to bother her at all, is there any danger from them? They small ones seem to be moving deeper into her skin?

    Oh...and she did great hunting! At seven months old and on her third real hunting trip she retrieved 27 dove and seven quail. Also got some work finding dead birds for the other guys down there whose dogs couldn't find 'em...and my girl did! Yes, I am proud!

    thanks for the help and letting me brag a bit.

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    Aug 16, 2002
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    My wife's dog got tangled up in a bunch of cholla cactus balls out in AZ when we lived out there one time.....very nasty. I had to pull them out from everywhere including her mouth, paws, tongue, etc. We called the vet on the way home and he said not to worry, they are not poisonous....just keep an eye out for infections. I would recommend you do the same and call a local vet that would be familiar to that type cactus and make sure there are no known poisons that would affect your pooch. Good luck!

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