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Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Policy Peddler, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Policy Peddler

    Policy Peddler Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 14, 2000
    Phelps, NY, USA
    I probably should have come here first, but i didn't, I was out on the road traveling for 8 weeks.
    I bought a Canon 80D and 18-135 lens while in Montana, with no sales tax. A friend shipped it to me, should be here wednesday. I considered a 7D and 6D.
    I chose Canon because I am familiar with them. Nikon and Pentax I do not even relate to the numbers. I also have a 100-400L.
    I have read that the kit 18-135 is a good lens for "documentation", did I make a mistake?
    what lens / manufacturer would you recommend?
    I take some pictures of birds, hunting, travel and motorsports.
  2. stirky

    stirky Refuge Member

    Nov 30, 2008
    I like my canon 55-250 stm lens for a close/mid range wildlife shots.
    They are not that expensive (well i bought mine new off ebay for £115 uk price) but it gives me fantastic photos on my 7d2.

    For longer range photos i have a sigma 150-600 contemporary lens, that also gives me the shots i have always wanted, again on my 7d2 but this lens will also work well on FF body.

    This is a photo taken with my 55-250/7d2 combination.
    king2 edit.jpg flip.jpg
  3. Lame-Duck

    Lame-Duck Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 22, 2001
    Central San Joaquin Valley, California
    I think you have a nice set up to start with. I can't speak from experience because I do not own one, but from the reviews it should handle the type of pictures you like to shoot very well. I use my 100-400 much of the time for bird photography, and the kit lens (18-135) will prove to be very useful. Those two lenses give you coverage of most focal lengths that you'll find yourself wanting to shoot at. Good luck and have fun with you new set up.

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