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Discussion in 'Women's Hunting Forum' started by smashdn, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. smashdn

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    Aug 13, 2004
    Palmyra, KY
    Was looking with my wife at the ladies waders offerings inthe cabelas catolog last night.

    We noticed the Cazadoras and she like the look of them but they were only 3mm, with 600 grams of thinsulate. She liked how the pocket was low "like a sweatshirt" but I told her after it got wet it was pretty useless. They were 199.

    The Ultimates are 5mm with 1000 grams of thinsulate in the boots. They are styled more like the men's with the pocket up on the chest. Plus they are 20 bucks cheaper a 179.

    What other brands or styles of waders do you ladies use?

    Also we are looking for her a waterproof parka or 4n1 coat and don't see a whole lot of selection.

    She is 5-2 and around 110 pounds if that helps.
  2. Mrs. Ripline

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Sorry I can't really help you out, I'm going to be in the market for new waders this season as well. Right now I'm using Herter's brand waders and I have a Cabela's brand parka and inside liner jacket. She's on the smaller side she might be able to try Juniors? Just a thought. Good luck, if you find something really good let me know too.
  3. Kimmie

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    I wish I could help you... I've got a 36" inseam so finding waders that the crotch isn't down around my knees is what I'm looking for... The rest of it is a moot point for me... I guess if you're tall they think you're round and have a size 24 boot. :doh

    The 3-n-1 parkas- I don't think I've ever owned a ladies one. I wear a men's large preferrably in a tall if they have one. I'd pick up a small men's or a Juniors size. Columbia works 110% for me...

    Good Luck,


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