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    As to labs yes a smaller gene pool, however Its still simple genetics. A carrier can only be bred to a clear if one cares about the breed, I think we can all agree with that?.

    However right now as of Dec 17 DM is trending higher per OFA at 47% clear to 43% carrier. That means that its going to be harder and harder to find a clear to breed a carrier too and in essence is FACTUALLY not emotionally decreasing the gene pool. Which is the very argument most use to breed carriers, strange and seems pretty ironic to me, knowing genetics.


    I do admit I have some emotion in the game and came off a little strong , even rude to some probably as my last was a carrier but expressed DM. That said I apologize and retract my above statement as to greed , as there are truly some outstanding adult carriers that could "possibly" be worth the risk.

    I will leave it at this , breeding carriers should be trended away from and not towards in all but the rarest of cases if we care to continue the breed and positive genetic traits. Hope that makes sense. Again just simple genetics. No offense meant to anyone.
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