Changing oil in a 97 Cummins - choices

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  1. Major Woods

    Major Woods Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 31, 2000
    Griswold Ct.
    I use Rotella Synthetic oil and NAPA filters in my 5.9 cummins, change @ 20k intervals.
    Has 295k on the odometer now and runs great.
  2. smashdn

    smashdn Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 13, 2004
    Palmyra, KY
    When I had my 01 Cummins I ran Delo. Very clean oil at changes and did not burn any oil either. Changed at 10k intervals. Used a K&N or Mopar Filter.

    In my gas Jeep 4.0 I use Shell Rotella T6 and have great results. They have lots of additives that those tractor style engines need.

    The most important filter on the whole truck is the fuel filter. FUEL FILTER. This > < was the single best investment I made on my old truck. I am not sure if the 97 had the same fuel pump/injector pump set up but after ruining an injector pump (expensive) due to a bad fuel pump (used a Holley Black and a BD racing pump I bought that little tell-tale light and installed it on my dash. When it started to light up I knew it was time to change the fuel filter. You do not want to starve your injection pump of fuel.

    Keep a spare fuel filter in the center console or glove box and keep an adjustable wrench in the truck so he can change it.

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