Coke marinated duck

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    Coke marinated duck

    First breast the duck. Soak overnight in saltwater with some white vinegar
    added. The next day really work the blood out with your hands then rinse.
    Soak the breasts in a can of regular coke with a tsp of ground cloves
    (or more to taste) for a couple days. Cut each breast into a couple chunks.
    Cut some bacon strips in half and partially cook it in a micro wave. Then
    wrap each piece of breast around a Jalapeno slice (can leave out if ya want)
    then wrap with a piece of bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Grill until med rare.
    Eat as is or finish with Yo****os Gourmet sauce (Teriyaki sauce works too).
    The cloves go very well with the duck. The neighbor says a "Pinot Noir" goes
    well with the spicyness but I think it does great with beer.

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