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    Jan 5, 2003
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    This dove season, I did not get to make it out as much as I would like, but I did drag my oldest daughter (4 years old, almost 5) out with me every time.

    I set her up with a BB-gun, and we are working on gun safety issues. She was dubious as to whether her BB-gun was capable of killing dove... And then I head shot a bird that was still fluttering/hovering, and just as she shot, it folded up... She immediately became much more excited about the prospects of her BB-gun.

    She has been out with me for some longer days in the field and seems to enjoy it. We have a little contest to see who spots the most dove coming towards us, and she generally legitimately wins this contest.

    She asked me if it makes me happy that she comes along, and my answer was "of course it does." I then asked her why she likes to come along, and she answered "because it makes you happy." And that is why my little girls are Daddy's little girls...:D. Of course I would like to see her learn to love the outdoors on its own merits, but for now, I will take what I can get.

    Kierra counts the birds and brings me some more shells (not one of my braggin' days of shooting):


    Daughter, daddy, and doggy with a nice limit of grey rockets on the same shoot:


    Grandpa, daughter, and daddy after a nice evening shoot. We were hunting a large open corn field, and although there were plenty of birds, they were skittish and would not fly over. I had her shooting at the birds turning off of us, as I explained to her that her gun shot further than mine... After 30 minutes of seeing plenty of birds, but no shooting, she said "Daddy, you'd better shoot my gun, cause they aren't coming in close enough for yours." In the end, we finished with limits, and fun was had by all:


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    Very nice. Love to see the kids get out!:clap

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