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    Fear Of Education

    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Showing that the depths of some individuals' hoplophobia know no bounds, CBS11TV.com (Dallas-Fort Worth) recently ran a story on a mother whose knee-jerk reaction against firearms was so overwhelming that even pictures of firearms in NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program's coloring book, sent her into a tizzy. (http://cbs11tv.com/business/education/NRA.Coloring.Book.2.945486.html)

    The Garland, Tex. mom brought home the coloring book, apparently unaware of its content. When she learned what the educational book was, she condemned not only it, but NRA as well: "Not only do I think it's inappropriate to provide this information to my five-year-old, but this is a program published by the NRA."

    Published by NRA?heaven forbid! The organization that: has spent more the $100 million in the past decade specifically on firearm safety and education; has 66,000+ certified firearm instructors that train upwards of 1,000,000 Americans (including law enforcement) each year on safe, responsible firearm ownership; and, thanks to its efforts, is a major contributor to the fact that the fatal firearm accidental death rate is at an all-time low.

    NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program was designed by law enforcement and educators. Since 1988, some 20,000,000 youngsters nationwide have heard the program's life-saving message. Despite this however, this Garland mom feels, "Having pictures of guns that children color in I think is sending the wrong message."

    The woman also noted that at age five, "anytime you tell a child not to touch something, that's exactly what they do." Luckily, better commonsense prevailed at the elementary school that conducts the child safety program, and which isn't just limited to firearm safety. The story notes, "?gun safety is only one part of the curriculum. Teachers also spend days even weeks talking about life jackets, bicycle safety, car safety and what to do if confronted by a stranger."

    School officials point out that the safety curriculum is 10-years-old, and this was the first complaint the district has received since it began. Let's hope it's the last.
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    Wow, So instead of educating and learning life she wants to expand ignorance. Nice. :z With hold education on any subject only teaches ignorance.

    Pro gun or Anti gun doesnt matter, everyone should know basics. Same with basic car maitenance and handling.

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