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    Aug 11, 2017
    Aye Mates,
    As a visual artist, I continue to push my boundaries in exploration of different mediums and more diverse subject matter, still most of my works are deeply rooted in my passion for the natural world. This time of year always bring my thoughts to bird hunting, a love affair with all related stretching back to my adolescence. I grew up hunting the New England uplands with a focus on grouse and woodcock early on, that expanding to an obsession for waterfowl hunting, both are still a true passion to this very day. I found myself wandering amidst old coverts today, those I once successfully hunted for both grouse and woodcock. Sadly, there were no thunderous beating of wings as a grouse exploded toward the sky. The haunts “Old Ruff” once commonly occupied are largely vacant.
    The places I could once depend upon to present a shot now present only very beloved memories and a hollow feeling in my heart for their absence.

    Camera in hand, I shot skyward through the over story , the pungent smell of wild grapes hung in the September air and their vines captured my imagination as they underlined the void of partridge that surely dwelled here in times gone by. I decided to accentuate the vines in darkness against the bright sky as a symbol of my darkened emotion of sadness for the quarry that once brightened my youth. I hope the composition speaks to you.
    "DARK WEB"


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