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    Aye Mates,

    Once again I'll be leaving for Maine to hunt birds, departing the Nutmeg State (aka the totally 2nd amendment unfriendly Communecticut) for Vacationland on Sunday 12/3/17. No, not heading up for more fowling on the coast this time 'round. TEAM TRAD will be heading on up to meet me Mate Dave aka "COALMAN" and his yellow Labrador "BELLE" that I trained for him 3 years ago. Our mission will be the pursuit o' "THE KING O' GAME BIRDS" and o' course just spending some quality time in David's grouse camp, two old friends and their dogs, the latter both bird hunting machines. TRAD has been cross trained to hunt both waterfowl and upland game birds and is highly competent in both arenas. BELLE primarily works upland birds and both she and Dave have become a finely honed team in that regard.

    We will be in "standby mode" with regards to BELLE as she will be quite close to her heat cycle and that would require her staying home in New Hampshire. TRAD is a proverbial "bull in a China shop" as a stud, his mind going to complete mush whence their is a female in heat about. We are hopeful that we get to hunt o'er both dogs and the two get to do what they do best - hunt birds.

    I always have a good time when in the company o' Dave, dogs, and birds. Dave its what ye might say a bit crackers whence it comes to chasing wild birds. The lad lights up at the very mention o' woodcock and grouse, truly he lives to hunt both. Add me own mania for chasing feathers o'er good dogs and a 20 bore and we have the makings o' some grand days afield.

    I will be purveying a jug o' some fine Irish spirits to keep David mildly subdued in grouse camp at night so that he doesn't vibrate himself right out o' his rack whilst dreaming sweetly o' old ruff.

    So Mates, consider this a wee teaser o' what might be an upcoming photo essay documenting the hopeful north woods adventures o' two grand friends two wonderful Labrador Retrievers, and those partridge we all drive ourselves bonkers giving chase to.

    TRAD and "Old Ruff". Let's hope we take a few birds next week for some good photo's, the skillet, and the memories that sustain us until our next chase o' wild birds.

    Slan go Foill
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