Denver Traffic getting worst? It's not your imagination.

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    DENVER - If it seems like the congestion has been getting worse around Colorado, a research group says it is, and has the numbers that prove it.

    The traffic delays in Denver and Colorado Springs are not among the top ten of the worst in the country. However, both made the list of ten places where the traffic is getting so bad, so fast - they could become the nation's future trouble spots.
    Colorado Springs had the most traffic growth of any metro area in the entire country over the past year. Time lost to traffic in the El Paso County city went up 58 percent.

    Denver had the ninth largest gain in traffic time, with a 20 percent jump over the past year
    The company behind the research, Inrix, says people in Denver have lost 23.3 hours sitting in traffic. They found out of the morning rush, Tuesdays are the worst, while Friday morning light lives up to its name. On the flip side, Wednesday and Friday evening rush hours are the worst.

    The worst traffic spot in the entire metro Denver area is the 15 mile stretch of northbound Interstate 25 from Colorado Boulevard to West 84th Avenue. The second worst is southbound I-25 from West 48th Avenue to Colorado Boulevard.

    Read the study:

    Damn this traffic jamb hurts my motor to go so slow. Damn this traffic jamb I should rode the tram.

    On a up note Denver is rated as the best convention city. Not unrelated entirely, the city draws conventions, tourists, transplants and ...traffic. It's a good place to be. Smoke em if you got em (wink).

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