Do You Want To Know Where The Ducks Are?

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    The ducks are living the life of Riley in reservoirs paid for by your tax dollars.

    Arkansas Wildlife Waterfowl Report

    Dec. 6, 2017

    By Jim Harris

    Meanwhile, Arkansas hunters elsewhere who don't have enough water await a good drenching, while those that do are waiting on a big movement of ducks. Apparently, a large migration settled into an area in the southern tip of Illinois and in the area directly across the Mississippi River into Missouri in mid- to late November, in Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge. Two Rivers is considered by waterfowl biologists to be an important stopover for hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese each fall. As of two weeks ago, more than 350,000 birds were using refuge habitat, according to an aerial survey.

    Established in 1958 to protect and enhance habitat for migratory birds, Two Rivers is situated between the Mississippi River and the Illinois River and encompasses 9,225 acres of river and floodplain habitat scattered around the confluence of the rivers. This is the third largest count there since the start of surveys in 1948 and is the largest count of northern pintail and ring-necked ducks ever recorded on the refuge.
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    Better hope for some quick global cooling, or they'll never leave.
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