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Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by David @ The Refuge, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Mar 8, 2000
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    Hey Gang:

    Our new habitat forum is here to help. Through the knowledge of Duckmen, silvermallard, our member pentail, and others, you can gather enough information to plant for ducks, and other wildlife.

    But, you have to ask questions.......

    I've been waterfowl hunting for several years. I have read several articles, learned to call, learned to shoot, found out the best equipment available, scouted for hunting grounds, and worked hard for Delta Waterfowl...

    But, one of the most important things (Habitat), I placed on the back burner. It wasn't because I didn't feel it was important, it's the fact that I am nieve about plants, seeds, when to plant, where to plant, etc.....

    I have planted clover and peas for deer on our lease, millet for doves, but I haven't done much planting for ducks and geese.

    But, that is all about to change......

    Duckmen made a great post ( HERE ) about what planting habitat means to you. Everyone should take the time to read this post.

    If we all plant just a small portion of dirt, we can make a huge difference. I'm going to read books, read this forum, ask questions, (even if I look like a fool), and get on with the program.

    I challenge each and everyone of you here to do the same. Once you do so, you can look at your accomplishments, and know that you have done something very worthwhile.


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