Doves without sunflowers?

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by kgingerich, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. kgingerich

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Last year I got 8 acres of sunflowers in and we slayed doves. This year we stayed flooded until May 15th. I planted a couple acres that were dried out and then we got 5 inches of rain and the seeds drowned.

    Since the whole 8 acres were disced I ended up with a nice stand of mostly foxtail and barnyard grass plus a whopping 3 sunflowers that somehow found high ground.

    We are 3 weeks from opener here in MO and most of the seeds fall off when you grab the head in your hand but everything is still real green. I'm wondering whether it would be worthwhile to spray it with 1% glyphosate and then mow/disc some strips for doves? Or should I mow, wait and then torch it to get bare ground.

    What would you do?
  2. bill cooksey

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    Oct 20, 2000
    Bartlett, Tn., USA
    Top sew wheat if the weather allows. Our sunflowers didn't make it this year, and that seems to be the case about one in three years for us. If dry weather cooperates to sew wheat at least two weeks prior to season and not have it germinate, it works great. Love to put it down this week, but there's a fair chance of rain every day here.
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