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Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Marylandwhitetail, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Jim I could care less about what camera it was taken with my point is that cover is the flagship and face of this organization and it should be held at a higher standard.
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    I hear ya! But this is the way things are going!!! I, like you am not happy about it but who listens to us anyway.. Its not just DU magazine but many out there on the news stand. Joe, National Geographic was one of the last to even accept digital images. When I left there in 2003 Digital was a No-No with them . It wasn't until 2005 and the death of Kodachrome that they even considered it! And even then it was pulling teeth to get the old staff to oblige. Well like me, the "old staff" is now long gone and Time Warner has taken over and just about anything is acceptable. Digital has come a long way but still today it's a pressman's nightmare with gamut issues and contrast. You just cannot get on a press what you get on a computer screen already in the digital format. A lot of folks out there just cannot grasp this but it is true!

    But like Geographic did with a lot of effort and caring, DU could do much better with what they have to work with. But like Geographic, it takes an experienced technician and serious eyes who know color and the digital world to improve their output. There are a lot of highly skilled folks out there but they do not work cheap. In today's cost cutting world, we just have to accept what we get!!.

    So Flagship or not, it also depends on the majority of readers, most of which have no photographic or printing experience and really could care less. A duck is a duck to them and they are more interested in shooting it than photographing it. I know this is not the answer you want to hear but I have been in this business for over 40 something years and watched it decline in quality endlessly. Luckily there are still some publications out there like Geographic that will not accept just "so-so" work from their photographers or magazine staff, However these are slowly dying off with the world of miniature screens and such.

    There are a lot of photographers out there now (way too many) who just want to get their work in the magazine or the cover and are happy just to do that with no regards as to how their work is slaughtered by a publisher!

    The shape of things to come my friend but one day the printed magazine or book may no longer exist..

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    All you had to say was Time Warner and that about says it all--Diz nailed it

    A good friend sent me an image the other day raving about how great it was and how their friend used their cell phone to take it

    At my age, I can't afford to alienate the few friends I have :yes, so I made some comment about how I had never seen that before and how fortunate the person that took it was to get such a capture

    I also was struck with how a non photographer's idea of a great image is different than what a photographer's idea of a great image is.

    As far as the DU image---
    their magazine, their art director and I guess their idea of a great cover shot is different than most of the folks that have contributed to this thread.....and DU will still cash your donation checks :yes

    I imagine the next one will be 'forensic' sharp and totally devoid of any pretension of being art .........and DU will still cash your donation checks :l

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