Duck, Dove, Woodcock

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    Mallard, Redhead, Woodcock and a dove. Mixed bag for sure. But good.

    Brined the birds and marinated in teryaki, basil, garlic and a vinegar pepper sauce I make.

    Pulled the birds out of the marinade and set the remnant liquid aside.
    Cook a pot of rice.
    Sliced and onion and began browning it. Mixed in some vension sausage and browned together. Drain the juices into the remnant marinade.
    Put the sausage and onions in a bowl.
    A good stiff shot of Wild turkey.
    Take another shot and pour it in the skillet you use to brown the onions and sausage. Slide it around the pan and light it. Blow it out and clean the pan into the remnant liquid bowl. Add the juice of three oranges(This will be our sauce.)
    Remnant liquid in a large sauce pan. Bring to a rolling boil. Cover.
    Mix rice and sausage/onions in a bowl.
    Keep boiling the sauce to reduce it. Mix some cornstarch into a cup of water and stir into the sauce.
    I sear the birds in a hot skillet to seal juices in. I pluck most of my birds.
    After searing, stuff the cavity with the sausage/onion/rice.
    I use a clay pot in the oven at 350* I fill the pot and the lid with hot water for 30 minutes before putting in the oven. Empty water and put pot in oven to pre-heat.
    I use a can of cream of mushroom and a cup of water in the pot. Chop celery and carrots.
    Put the two ducks, dove and timberdoodle all stuffed in the pot and back in the oven. 45 minutes will cook the dove and woodcock. The ducks are about 10 minutes longer.
    Slice the breast off leaving skin attached. Serve over stuffing. Drizzle sauce over meat when plating. We had this with asparagus and it was fan-damm-tastic.
    Woodcock legs are probably the best food I've ever had.:eek::yes:tu

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