Duck Water Jamboree

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  1. Ure-a-Duck

    Ure-a-Duck Senior Refuge Member Sponsor

    Dec 3, 2002
    Grifton, NC
    The Jamboree was great. Our crew wants to thank everyone for putting up with us getting in the way and blocking their view while filming.
    Everyone was truly understanding. We glanced over the footage it doesn't look like we got a real smack down video. Our ability to catch all the kills on the boats and shore was somewhat hindered by the elements. But we do have a great video on highlights of the event and will be trying to compile into a simple DVD in February. We will be posting availablility when it is done.
    We really enjoyed meeting all of you. We shared many ideas and met some real Duck Hunters. Everyone there was knowledgeble and we were truly overwhelmed at the dedication and love the sport that everyone had. It is really rare to be around that many hunters with that much knowledge of the water and their mechanics of duck hunting. I learned many things that will help in our hunting and the advancing of our products. Hearing the needs of the duck hunter is what drives us to make the best product we can. This event Really added to our outlook and goal of having the best sea duck decoys in the world. So look for some new improvements in the upcoming seasons.

    We want to thank Jeremiah for being a really great host/MC. He made this event work. For his first time ever doing this type of event, He made it look as if he been doing it for years. A real professional Job. WE are proud to call him a Pro Staffer. It's people like him that make a difference in this world.

    WE have a ton of folks we would like to thank..
    CApt. Jack... What can I say.. You are a brother and a friend that make life worth living..
    Mike P. You and your boy gave me a warm feeling just to be in the same room with ya. To see a father and son share those special moments.. That is truly what life is about.
    Woody... You are now Family.. You really stepped up to the plate.
    Steve H.. Thanks for building duck machines that are perfect for that style of hunting. Also " I love ya man.. But you cant have my Beer"
    Marty W... You are a duck hunting machine. You know what to do and how to do it.
    Steve K. Thanks for complaining so much:l:l. It makes us laugh..... Garrett really talked about how great you are as a Duck hunting guide/outfitter. A true worthy Captain. Which I already knew that's why you are another great pro-staffer...:tu Your hunts on tape will be a the icing on the cake in the DVD. Can't wait to share time with you again.

    Jan and your husband: You really added to the sport. It was nice to see a smiling face everyday. You all are really warm people that add something special to a room or boat. It made all the harsh conditions more bearable.

    I guess I could go on and on. The bottom line is it was a great event and feel blessed we were a part of it. It wasn't about duck killing, It was truly about the sport we love.

    Thanks again to everyone and hope we all share hunts and times like these again in our short lives.

  2. dragon1681

    dragon1681 Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 6, 2004
    Orange County, New York
    T, it was great seeing you again and I enjoyed hunting with Doug, he is a great guy. Will see you again I am sure take care and have a great Christmas.

    Tom L
  3. RI griz

    RI griz New Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    rhode island
    glad everyone had a good time and returned home safe.

    capt griz
  4. plamere

    plamere Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 12, 2004
    Would like to send out a huge Thank you to Jeremiah and Kendra for putting us up for the weeekend. Had a great time .:clap

  5. BILLS

    BILLS Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 15, 2004
    I am glad to see all had a good safe trip to our fine State. Dad and I got out on Friday and Saterday morning and could not believe how popular waterfowling had gotten. I should pay more attention to the this site as we would have hosted a few of you guys and taken part in the event as we do not have such events around here. It would have been nice to talk with others who share our passion for the birds and outdoors. We have been hunting these waters for 47 years ( Dad ) and he started taking me when I was 6 years old, so I have been at it for 44 years . We did get to meet our first warden in 6 years ,Dad figured he must have gotten lost. I am sorry if someone's rig was vandlized . There are issues with crazy anti's here from time to time. Last year several trucks were keyed at popular spots. Great to have you all here to share what we have for a change. There are very few of us left . Dad and I have traveled to many other States and Canada where we always are welcome in our pursuits. Come again ! John.
  6. Ocean State

    Ocean State Senior Refuge Member

    May 24, 2010
    Sea Duck Hunting Rhode Island,Massachusetts,New En
    Bills please PM me. I would love to meet other like minded hunters in the area.

    THanks for the post!!
  7. brdy

    brdy Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 2, 2001
    somewhere on east coast
    I had a great time up there, Jeremiah, your the man!! great host and great hospitality.
    Hoover, what can I say, love giving you a hard time; but you aight:l
    Big T, thanks for teaching the 2 newbies in our boat the ways of longlining:clap I think they might be hooked now. We definately need to do some more hunting together.
    Shane, your welcome in my boat anytime
    Neal, Thanks for the calls(even though they are 3 yrs late:l) look forward to your brant calls
    Capt. Jack. Great seeing you again

    Everyone else that I met but can't remember names too well great group of guys and look forward to seeing everyone again at the next jamboree.

    Oh and yes I won the worst shooter award and got one of T's Harli dekes. Now I swear I did that on purpose:rolleyes: just so I could get that awesome deke:sp

  8. kellys

    kellys Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 26, 2006
    Wichita Kansas
    That more of the local guys didnt feel the same way, You and your dad ever want to hunt in the Golden Triangle (Central Kansas) of waterfowling lemme know, Kel

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